Book Review: The End of Ice


The End of Ice
by Dahr Jamail



Climate disruption. That’s the word used by journalist Dahr Jamail in the new book, The End of Ice. This book should be required reading for everyone who lives on planet Earth.

Read this book, but do so in short sessions to give yourself time to digest what you’ve just read. You will want to think deeply about it. It’s that moving. We have done some serious damage to our planet and our climate is suffering. It makes for very emotionally taxing reading, but it is so important that the word gets out. I found myself sobbing with heartbreak after some chapters. The writing is that good. The story told is that sad.

Jamail offers numerous statistics to back up the story of how the ice is melting, the oceans warming, the water rising, the coral reefs dying and more. It is incredibly disturbing to realize that we are at a point where we may not be able to reverse the damage and the consequences for survival of the human race are severe. Jamail interviews countless people who live or work on the front lines of this crisis. Their stories share a common theme and message, one that we desperately need to hear. The interviewees are scientists, fishermen, people in the tourism industry, city planners, and more. People who have seen firsthand how the disruption of the climate is wreaking havoc on the planet we call home.

Our ecosystems are in peril. Glaciers are melting. Permafrost is disappearing. And the warming of the oceans and melting of the ice could lead to a catastrophic and sudden release of large amounts of methane into the atmosphere. We are facing the end of Earth as we know it. What will be left for our children and grandchildren?

I cannot recommend this book enough. Read it and take action to try to slow the destruction of our planet. The need to make changes is urgent and we are the generation who needs to do it. Yes, we can grieve for what has been lost, but we need to turn that into action as well. To try to save what’s left.


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