Book Review: My Life in a Cat House


My Life in a Cat House is highly entertaining reading for any cat lover! Gwen Cooper has done it again with these funny and heartwarming tales of her feline family. In these pages, you will find all your favorite furry friends: Scarlett, Vashti, Homer, Clayton and Fanny.

Any fan of Gwen Cooper’s books knows that she has a knack for finding the most amusing anecdotes about her cats. And, they sure get into some interesting adventures! This collection of short stories is chock full of moments that will make you laugh out loud at the feline antics. From hilarious toy fetching sessions, to a crazy cross-town trip to a new vet while juggling three carriers full of angry felines, you will find amusement in droves.

As any pet parent can tell you, our pets each have their own personality and they communicate with us in different ways. Gwen Cooper is an observant pet parent and an excellent writer. She combines those skills to bring us readers some very fun tales. Told in short story format, each tale features one of the five cats and their humans. You won’t find this collection of stories elsewhere. If you have read any of this author’s previous books, you know the good quality read in store for you. I highly recommend this book. I give it four paws of approval.


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