Book Review: Nothing Stays Buried

Nothing Stays Buried

By P.J. Tracy


This thriller brings the Monkeewrench crew to Minnesota, where a killer is murdering women and leaving playing cards on their bodies.

Homicide Detective Leo Magozzi and his girlfriend, Grace MacBride are going to have child, making him a first-time parent. She works for Monkewrench, which is assisting Magozzi’s investigation. When a farmer in Buttonwillow asks for Monkeewrench’s help in finding out what happened to his daughter, who has disappeared in the woods, they head there in their RV. The RV is called the Chariot and has computers and other equipment they use in their work. Farmer Walt has an unusual guest who lives in his field, an African lion, an animal that escaped from a wildlife rescue facility.

Magozzi and his partner, Gino Rolseth, cope with a journalist who is nosing into their investigation, and the FBI.

The characters are all interesting and quirky in their own way. The action is fast-paced and the dialog is witty. The characters have a great sense of humor and I had some laugh-out-loud moments when reading. I loved the huge spider on the wall scene. Funny stuff. There is plenty of humor sprinkled throughout the novel and the story itself holds the reader’s attention well. There are subplots as well, so the reader has plenty to ponder.

The authors are a mother-daughter team. This book is number 8 in a series featuring the Monkeewrench characters. I have not read the other books in the series, but plan to. I enjoyed this one a lot. The authors did a great job and I am interested in learning more about these characters in the other books in the series.

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